Sakura Filter
2017 - 2018
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to make the site more convenient and user-friendly

Sakura Filter is a filtration brand under PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk (SMSM), the flagship of the Automotive Division Group and currently the largest filter manufacturers in Indonesia. They have more than 45 years’ experience in the filtration business, covering automotive, commercial, heavy equipment, marine, and industrial for American, European, and Asian applications.

At the time, Sakura Filter wanted to keep up with trends in digital and realized that their outdated website was potentially hurting their business. Consumers will most likely go with a company that has a nice looking and easy-to-use website because it provides the assurance that the company is growing and on top of the latest trends and technologies. Therefore, Sakura Filter wanted to enhance their existing website, bring a fresher look, and make it more informative and user-friendly.

Solution: A well-thought website design that provides easy accessibility for users to get what they need

Partnered with Suitmedia, Sakura Filter mapped out every element that needs to be improved. After taking a look at the old website, we saw Sakura Filter has more than 7.000 part numbers of filtration products, and that huge number requires a lot of content. Heavy content risked overwhelming their existing or potential customers in searching the products information they need. But, we believe that with a well-thought-out design, we can find ways to present content-heavy websites clearly and effectively, encouraging the audience to visit and read what we have to offer.

We understand that design is beyond aesthetic elements. Design is about solving problems and the problems we faced can be resolved through a good layout and a clear hierarchy. Thus, we started to tackle the layout first. We chose a layout that allows for good usability and simplifies the user flow. The simpler the layout and the structure of the site, the easier it is for users to navigate. We designed each section with a clear functionality, helping visitors to quickly find what interests them. We also added design elements that captivate visitors and engage users with full-width images and informative text.

To make it easier for users to find product information they need, we directly put a search feature on the home banner. The simple search box seems to just be a very small component in the website design, but this simple functionality when implemented with great efforts, can enhance the usability of the website extensively. A good site search can help those who are confused by allowing them to use keywords to search for information they are looking for. We also put sophisticated search features on the catalog menu to create efficiency and bring comfort, ease, and rapid results for users to find product information they need. Moreover, the terms that consumers type into the site search box can give Sakura Filter huge insight into the users’ behavior and give the company invaluable data to be learned from. Used successfully, this information can increase conversions and improve customer retention.

With those enhanced experience on the site, has brought hassle-free experience for users. The convenience that provided on the website also makes users more engaged. Eventually, the site has successfully increased its number of sessions per user at +17.67%, average session duration at +3.32%, and decreased it bounce rate at -14.72 in 30 days after the new website launched.