UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: A nicer site for a comfortable watching experience

Surya Citra Televisi (SCTV) is a national private television station in Indonesia. SCTV was born on August 24, 1990, as a local television station in Surabaya, based on Jl. Darmo Permai, Surabaya, East Java. SCTV has a slogan “Satu Untuk Semua” which means “One for All” in English. Running since decades ago, SCTV has been through some changes followed by every trend in any era. And as a media company in this new era, where is every entertainment product is being broadcasted digitally, SCTV has to converge its broadcasting channel into digital. Besides that, a nice and trustworthy online presence will also affect how brands gain their revenue. SCTV already has its website for TV live streaming, program and event information, etc. However, SCTV wants to improve its website experience for the viewers to get information updates and a better online viewing experience so that the viewers won’t feel hesitant to stay longer.

Solution: UI/UX improvements in the best way possible

For this case, Suitmedia decided to revamp the SCTV website to be better and improve its user experience for the most enjoyable experience of watching TV live streaming and getting information updates on SCTV programs, schedules, and events. The first thing we do is UI/UX improvement. We improved the website user experience by creating a nice and brief user flow, so viewers can get easy access to information updates and get a better online viewing experience following the digital transformation.

For the overall visual, we changed a little bit on the information display and layout. This is supposed to make users more comfortable, delighted, and easier to use the SCTV website for watching their favorite programs. The other thing that we considered to improve was to develop a responsive website optimized for desktop and mobile and implement technical SEO as well as to maintain and preserve the website page speed by using headless technology.

Result: A sleek website for a comfortable watching experience

Without a doubt, the new look of SCTV website brings a lot of convenience for the users to check out the schedule and watch a live stream of their favorites program.