2015 - 2016
UX & UI Design, Web Development

Challenge: To keep up with the changes in the television marketing strategies

SCTV is an Indonesian national television that has been broadcasting since August 24, 1990 in Surabaya, East Java. As one of the biggest TV channels in Indonesia, SCTV always strives to be the one that always gives the best and up-to-the-minute news or information with credibility. As we have known, the media landscape has changed tremendously over the past year under the influences of digital force. This circumstance causes many traditional media changing its strategy to keep up with technology. Hence, SCTV faced major challenges to keep the viewership in the digital age. 

Solution: We make it easier than ever to watch your favorite TV shows on website platform

Suitmedia helped SCTV to build a brand new website and gain viewership on the internet. A responsive website is a must for SCTV to make its viewers feel convenient to watch every program from everywhere at any time. On this new website, we focused on displaying the shows that have already aired on the television and also providing the information about show’s schedules per day. Besides, there is also a Live Streaming feature, which help viewers who do not have access to watch on television.

We also made it mobile friendly with an easy-to-use navigation to make it comfortable for viewers to watch their favorite tv shows through their phone. We used a clean and grid-based layout to create clarity and order and help users to find tv programs they may interested. Now, the new website of SCTV has become a comfortable choice for viewers to watch their favorite TV shows.