SKK Migas
UI/UX Design, iOS & Android Development

Challenge: To improve the internal work assignment system

SKK Migas was established by the Government of Indonesia to manage the upstream oil and gas business activities. To increase the effectiveness of their administrative workflow, SKK Migas has a special system called ePAU and this system helps the institution in organizing, distributing, and delegating tasks to employees. However, the system is only available on website platform and it has raised a certain difficulties to the employees to access the site when they’re working outside the office.

Solution: A secure and easy to use e-pau mobile app 

Suitmedia built a mobile app to give an easy access for employees who commute often to see their work assignment through the push notification system in mobile apps. The thing that makes this project quite unique is the fact that Suitmedia team has to synchronize the system to SKK Migas internal, especially ePAU system that has been running smoothly at the time. We used SKK Migas intranet connection in development and testing phases to make sure the overall ePAU system is well-integrated.

Then, we equipped ePAU Mobile App with the most essential features to support the company’s workflow efficiently. The features are allowing users to view employee’s tasks, search task list, follow up the task to the subordinate or even to the head when it’s required, accept tasks on the list, and manage their own task attachment. Beyond helping SKK Migas employees to stay productive wherever they are, Suitmedia did a comprehensive approach to make users access this internal mobile applications securely.