2020 - 2021
Creative Campaign, Social Media Management

Challenge: To connect and develop community engagement in stressing connection with the brand

Urbanation as a community engager owned by Urban Mild try to build an engagement with many community especially for young people in South Sulawesi. Urbanation tries to maximize the role of community involvement in creating connections between the target audience and the brand. Urbanation tries to insert a brand persona into various trends and topics that are currently being discussed in various communities in South Sulawesi. To achieve this goal, Urbanation needs to implement the right strategy and execution of the digital campaign plan.

Solution: We create the hub which can help to shape trends in the community and connect them to brand persona

Urbanation tries to form and insert a brand persona as part of the target audience community, through #JoinUrbanCircle Urbanation strives to highlight the local pride, meet and talk to community and experience the latest trends of South Sulawesi. Urbanation also strives to create exciting interactions on various social media platforms through various information, trivia and gamification that are packaged in contemporary and distinctive languages.

Result: Formed a connection between the audience and the brand through the use of digital activities on social media

Through various digital activities on social media, Urbanation has succeeded in increasing the number of fans, increasing the number of engagements, impressions and reach on various social media platforms. This can be seen from the number of impression which gains 1.8 million impression on Instagram while on Facebook it gains 1.9 million impression. In addition, the engagement that Urbanation gets is also very good, around 6.8% engagement rate on Instagram (where standard is between 1% and 3%) and 1.6% engagement rate in Facebook (where standard is between 0.5% and 1%). Urbanation has also succeeded in creating good interactions with the audience through various topics and trivia that have developed into discussions on social media pages.