Astra Digital Membership
UI/UX Design

Challenge: To make each service maintenance feels more pleasurable

With no doubt, Honda is one of the most leading motorcycle brand in Indonesia, thanks to PT Astra International, Tbk as a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of Honda in Indonesia. Honda always comes up with new technology that can answer what consumers need and want. That’s why their consumers are always loyal to Honda. Honda never stops listening to their loyal consumers.

Presently, people often have trouble when there comes the time to do some routine maintenance for their vehicle. They just don’t have time to visit the dealer, take the queue number, wait for their turn, and do even more waiting until the service maintenance is finished. PT Astra International, Tbk realized this fact and they don’t want their consumers to struggle each time they need to do some regular maintenance for their Honda motorcycle.

Solution: A simple and easy to use application to grant every Honda owners’ wish

Collaborating with Suitmedia, PT Astra International, Tbk managed to answer their consumers’ problem. We create a mobile application named MotorKu where every motorcycle-related stuff can be done as simple as ABC.

Every owner of Honda motorcycle first needs to fill some data about their vehicles. Each user can register more than one motorcycle on the application. As soon as the user finished giving data about the last service maintenance, they will get service reminder for the next maintenance schedule. With this feature, users don’t need to worry about missing the maintenance date. Moreover, the app also stores every maintenance history.

With MotorKu, no more struggle for Honda owners when the time to face the regular maintenance has come. Users are able to choose their most preferred dealer for the maintenance or even look for the closest dealer when they’re out of town and do the reservation for the service. After the service, users are asked to give ratings to the dealer as an input to improve Honda dealers’ service.

These features, along with clear and clean layout and design, make Honda owners don’t have to waste their valuable time driving around looking for Honda dealer and wait until their turn. They can do everything related to their motorcycle through their smartphone.