2009 - 2016
Web Development, iOS & Android Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Creative Campaign, Digital Advertising

Challenge: To provide convenience and safety when people shop online is an Indonesian online marketplace where local users can buy from and sell to each other. It is currently listed as one of biggest e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. During 2009-2011, Achmad Zaky and his early team in Suitmedia built Bukalapak as the most reliable e-commerce in Indonesia.

Solution: A gateway to higher conversions

Bukalapak Website

One vital key to e-commerce success is a simple and easy to understand navigation. In 2009, Suitmedia created an easy-to-use website for Bukalapak to help users easily find a product by categories and filters. We also aimed to boost conversion through the website by creating effective and clear call-to-action, which are relatively short with a single message can encourage people to make purchases. also has been equipped with a blog page, in order to create quality content on a regular basis and ensures that isn’t left behind in Google’s search pages. This blog pages are also building credibility with Bukalapak users and increases engagement, which can be used to drive users to your e-commerce store pages. 

The e-commerce site has more than 15 million daily pageviews. At the moment Bukalapak sits at top 50 in the country’s web ranking according to Alexa. Bukalapak have more than 4 million sellers, with over Rp 4 trillion of monthly transaction from more than 2 million daily transactions.

Bukalapak Mobile App

In 2014, Suitmedia also built a mobile app with clean user experience to make it easier for users to utilize every function of its menu. After launching for only a year Bukalapak’s Android app became the most downloaded shopping app in Indonesia.

Bukalapak Recruitment System

Since Bukalapak has been growing into a giant e-commerce and becoming one of the biggest C2C marketplaces in the country, the company needs the best candidates to keep Bukalapak going, growing, and shoot for the moon. With that in mind, it’s not enough to just have open jobs and an email address on a company career page anymore.

Career pages give you the opportunity to make the most out of who you are as a company. Candidates want to see more than an updated list of jobs, they want to see inside the company. If the company page doesn’t show the company culture, if the job ads are treated as only job ads and not marketing opportunities, it’s time for a redesign.

For that reason, in 2016, Bukalapak asked Suitmedia to create an effective platform to cater their career recruitment process. Thus, we decided to create a web based application that will provide the candidate with a sense of what kind of company Bukalapak is, who they’ll be working with, and why they want to work there. 

“We created the career page that does not only evoke the personality of the company but also appeals to the type of candidate they are looking to attract.”

On the home banner, we use video to showcase the culture of Bukalapak to the candidates. We choose a video medium to make it quick in delivering the message, engage the visitors, make it entertaining, give the company a personality, and to make it stand out from other career pages. 

We also added a section for a brief description and culture showcase of Bukalapak, because it can help job seekers to know what kind of workplace that Bukalapak is. To make it more appealing to the candidates, we tell the candidate advantage of working in Bukalapak by telling candidates 10 reasons they want to work in the company.

We also optimized the backend system. We created an automatic screening for job seeker’s resume, so the system can rank the candidates based on criteria specified per resume. Besides, there is also a feature for online test to examine the competence of shortlisted candidates based on their selected vacancy.

We also added ‘Register’ and ‘Login’ features for the Job Seekers, so they can save a resume on the website. Then, when interesting vacancies are open, they can apply directly without having to fill the application form every time they applied.

Even though we created more features to the page, this career web page is still simple and straightforward, “here’s what we want, here’s what we’ll give you, join us,” in a few extra words. This career page has succeeded to attract the right candidates that may be fit to be a part of Bukalapak team and help the company to thrive in the competition.