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Challenge: How to bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients

Celeteque is a skin health and beauty brand under PT Darya-Varia Laboratoria Tbk, which is a long-established pharmaceutical company in Indonesia. Their products are utilizing medical expertise and dermatological advances, hence it can only be obtained after a patient consulting a doctor.

At the time, the communication between the doctors and the patients was complex, not well documented, and inefficient. It made the process of getting Celeteque products became longer and made the consultation process between doctors and patients inconvenient. For that reasons, Celeteque wanted to bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients and develop a system that more organized to eliminate the difficulties in the consultation process.

Solution: Digital platforms that bring seamless interaction between doctors and patients

Celeteque was really embrace the power of technology to reinvent their business process and to bring better experience both for their doctors and patients. Thus, they partnered with Suitmedia to create digital platforms for bridging the gap between the doctors and patients and bring a more seamless interaction for them digitally.

As the first step to create a solid base for Celeteque’s transformation in digital, Suitmedia developed the Celeteque website. We kept the customer at the heart of the experience by providing the most needed information and features for them, such as features to help them identify their skin type and to find doctors or clinic quickly and easily. We wrapped it all in a balanced manner of aesthetics and functionality through a beautifully minimalist design.

Celeteque Mobile Apps

In today’s digital world, almost everyone value speed and simplicity. Beauty consumers also become more and more familiar with using mobile technology, as well as doctors need automation for their appointment and store patients’ data in an easy, safe and secure manner. Based on this consideration, we decided to create mobile apps both for doctors and patients to facilitate their interaction faster and easier.

The Celeteque apps we created allow potential patients to discover doctors who may be suitable for them and then proceed to book an appointment with them instantly. By using the app, users can find both doctors and clinics which is narrowed down according to the nearest location and availability of date and time.

The experience extends further beyond providing a listing, the Celeteque apps help patients to easily register to book an appointment and choose one of the available dates and times. The Celeteque app for doctors also allows the doctors to view their appointment list, manage the schedule and make respond towards the appointment.

The experience provided by this application is more convenient because we provide a chat room feature that can be used by patients and doctors to have a consultation online. The doctors also allowed to submit a prescription directly through the app after the consultation. The app surely provides a better interaction between patients and doctors while reducing complexities and operating costs.

The apps also successfully improve the operating performance of the doctors’ practice, make it easier for them to give their patients the best treatment with optimal care, irrespective of the place and time. Furthermore, the patients also stand to gain from the app as they receive quick and easy solutions for their skin and beauty needs.