Indonesia Basketball League (IBL)
2015 - 2016
UI/UX Design, Web Development, iOS & Android Development, Creative Campaign

Challenge: To give IBL fans early access to unlimited amounts of official IBL news and analysis

Indonesian Basketball League (IBL) as a leader of Indonesian professional basketball league, facilitating all professional basketball teams to explore their proficiency in basketball by challenging other teams. Most of basketball lovers would like to know more about their favorite teams, the latest news about players or teams, league statistics and live streaming for those who are far away from the match location, and recapitulation of matches they missed. People tend to check information about players and teams, and also game schedule. Moreover, people nowadays using smartphone to notify them about score updates of a match. These requirements are becoming a challenge for IBL to engage their league with basketball lovers who are unable to watch it on-site.

Solution: Attractive yet informative platforms to fill the basketball fans need

IBL Website

The IBL website enables all Indonesian basketball lovers to get the most update news and match. We knew that responsive design is a must, since more than a quarter of traffic to the old site had come from mobile. We built a responsive with visual, color pallets, and layout that are attractive to basketball enthusiasts. We used clean and big images to make it easier for users to look for information, although this website has many information and features. It provides basketball players and team’s profile, news update, score and schedule as well as statistic data, including team, player and match in a simple design. 

IBL Mobile Apps

With IBL Mobile Application, basketball lovers can watch live streaming, subscribing news from favorite team, and view leaderboard of players, follow live scores and game schedule. All of these requirements are designed with easiness for great user experience with lightweight application.

Some good points for this mobile application is that it offers a notification for updated scores or specific player/team updated info that basketball lovers can subscribe it in team/player menu. We believe this application suitable with all basketball lovers need and there’s no need to grumble for missing a match again.