2017 - 2018
UX & UI Design, Content Creation, Web Development, Creative Campaign, Social Media Management, Brand Development

Challenge: How to help moms to quickly find interesting personalized recipes

Indofood is one of the market leaders in providing consumer branded products such as noodles, dairy, snacks, food seasonings, and other foods and beverages. As a market leader with around 40 leading product brands, Indofood has always been producing high-quality products for Indonesian and global consumers. Not only provides high-quality food products, Indofood also wants to help their consumers to find solutions to their everyday problems. That is why Indofood always tries to understand their consumers, seeks the problem they are facing, and finds ways to help the consumers.

One of the most important Indofood’s target market is mothers. Mothers decide what their family consume every day, but they are often facing a situation when they don’t know what to cook or get bored with their usual cooking recipes. To help Indonesian mothers in making meal planning easier, Indofood wants to bring a helpful experience through sharing cooking recipe inspirations that are personalized based on their interests. For that reason, Indofood tapped Suitmedia to revamp their cooking website called and optimize its function with more effective UX and UI design.

Solution: Bringing awesome features that help users to search for recipes and decrease their cognitive load

Our principle in this project is “Start design with Why” to clearly understand why users need this website. After several observations, we’ve got 2 main needs that are crucial for users, which are:

  • To quickly find interesting recipes that are suitable for their family
  • To be able to select ingredients they have in their fridge and get some interesting recipes 

When it comes to visual design, we created a light and clean UI that will not distract users from their goals. Then, to make it easier for mothers in deciding the most suitable menu for their family every day, we personalized the content for each user based on the data they input when they’re registering on the website. Thus, every mother who signed up on this website will get a different list of menus that are perfectly fit with their interest.

In our case, user’s success in finding an interesting recipe depends on a fast and convenient search. So we use a very simple user flow -- users start with searching for ingredients or recipes and then they get a list of recipes where they can select the best one for them.

To help users to search for numerous recipes and decrease their cognitive load, we organized the recipe into categories (type of menu, thematic menu, national dish, ingredient, and the cooking technique)

We also brought a new feature on this website when users can decide what to cook starting with ingredients. They can combine ingredients they have in their fridge and see what they can cook with them.

We also want this website to be friendly and helpful for every mother. For mothers who are a beginner cook or do not really familiar with cooking terms, we give a special feature called masakpedia. This feature provides explanations of cooking terms, usages of kitchen tools, and names of spices and other ingredients. Also, we provide cooking video so it is possible for mothers to see cooking process step by step.

With more effective UI and UX design, has successfully increased its pageviews at +228% and monthly visitors at +142%, pages/session at +23%, average session duration at +7.5%, and decreased its bounce rate at -16% in 30 days after the new site launched. Overall, the user engagement after new website launching increased significantly compared to the previous period.