Lumix Indonesia
Brand Development, UI/UX Design, Content Creation, Web Development

Challenge: How to bring the next-level experience to the camera enthusiast?

Lumix is Panasonic’s brand for digital camera, ranging from pocket point-and-shoot camera to compact interchangeable lens model. Currently, Lumix is focusing on 4K technology which all model (start from entry model to professional) are capable to shoot 4K video. From that technology, Lumix has its owned unique features known as 4K Photo which allow users to take 8 MP still images from a 30fps 4K video and Post Focus which allow people to choose focus after shot. Through discover and capture, Lumix also encourages the users to share incredible stories from photos or videos by having Liberty to Discover.

Currently, Panasonic Lumix has a wide range of camera products as well as their own community called Liberteam which consist of famous photographers/ videographers who use Lumix as their gear. Panasonic Lumix Indonesia has already owned its website, however the website has complex structure thus made the visitors tends to leave the website after their first visit.

Solution: Creating more engaging & user friendly website for users

Marketing and website trend always constantly changing. Redesigning a website might boost the company value and sales in Panasonic Lumix case, it will create more engagement from the existing user and new user.

A well-structured menu for better experience

Too many items in main menu may affect traffic and search engine rankings. At first, Lumix Indonesia has quite high monthly visit, however the bounce rate also high. This indicates many users don’t want to continue exploring the website. Realizing this situation, we make an improvement by only creating 4 items in navigation menu. With 5 items starting with Liberteam in the first menu and Inspiration as the second, ending with Contact, we want to grab more attention from new visitors as well as keep Lumix’s existing visitor pleased.

A website that can help brand tell stories

Adopting an approach and attitude to be more consumer oriented rather than business oriented is what we, Suitmedia do with Lumix Indonesia website. We designed the new website with the intention that the user will connect and interact with brands, to be acknowledged as unique individuals. We put this idea in Liberteam menu where the user can choose which photo/videography style or interest that they want to see.

We added some value to our content strategy by creating customer-centric content strategy. At first, we decided particular demographic of the user. From this analysis, we get a glimpse of what is the users’ challenge as well as they need thus we can create content to solve challenges and fulfil their needs. We provide some interviews, tutorials, galleries and gears that used by each Lumix Indonesia’s Liberteam in “Inspiration” menu. Hopefully, through this Inspiration will give inspiration to the existing Lumix users or new user who has interest with Lumix camera.

Result: An optimized site with better experience and personalized journey

For photographer, photography enthusiast, and casual user, when they are looking for a camera website, they want to find detailed information about the product (whether they are looking for specific product or just random it), they also want to getting engage with particular community thus they can show and see other photographer/ photography enthusiast’s gallery and the most important thing, learn as much as possible from the expert.