Mister Aladin
iOS & Android Development

Challenge: How to make hotel booking process as easy as 1-2-3

As a travel companion site, Mister Aladin has been helping their customers in finding the best hotel or villa, discovering a great adventure, and inspiring them with unique travel experiences. The company wanted to evolve their marketing strategy to the next level by making them visible to their customers at all times and create a direct marketing channel. Thus, this travel company asked Suitmedia to make it happen. 

Solution: We utilized the power of simplicity

When it comes to the ability to get in touch with customers all the time, mobile app is the answer. Push notification has become a way to speak directly to a user. Thus we built Mister Aladin mobile app, which is drop-dead easy for every mobile user. We made a simple and efficient journey for Mister Aladin’s customers to book hotels or villas at their fingertips.

We chose a flat design for the interface. Flat design itself focuses on simplicity and clarity to ease the app’s functionality and emphasize its usability. We also chose a soft color palette to create a clean effect and we highlighted focal elements by throwing a vibrant feature color into the mix for a nice contrast.

The mobile app has been equipped with important features that are allowing users to explore the hotel or villa list with its offers and reviews, which are well-categorized and supported with unbiased content. By using this mobile app, users easily search hotels based on their preferences, book for discounted last-minute hotel rooms, and use convenient payment selection.

Not only built an easy-to-use mobile platform, Suitmedia also helped Mister Aladin to expand their marketing strategy through a referral code system as a simple and straightforward way to increase conversion. Consumers today are programmed to find a deal, hence discount coupon code is a must-have for any online business. When users send their referral code to their friends, the sender will receive credit from Mister Aladin. This digital referral marketing has succeeded to spread Mister Aladin publicity faster to a wider audience. The combination of an easy-to-use mobile platform, a remarkable interface, and effective marketing strategies have been propelling the company’s quick growth.