2013 - 2015
iOS & Android Development, UI/UX Design, Search Engine Optimization

Challenge: to make Nebengers more accessible to people

One of the most annoying things in the world is being stuck in traffic. Thankfully, Nebengers is here as one of the startup companies in Indonesia that cares to reduce bad traffic through carpool and rideshare concept. However, at that time, Nebengers only had a twitter account and a website to interact with people. It hasn’t had an effective platform to make it easier for people to use its services. So, we faced challenges to build an application to make Nebengers become more accessible to people and to help this startup company turns their innovative ideas into reality.

Solution: An informative yet attractive and easy to use mobile app

The statement of ‘your friends are just around the corner’ is true and Suitmedia made it happen by creating Nebengers mobile application. By using this mobile app, people can commute to their destination and make new friends at once.  The features and functions itself make people find a ride in a tap away. There are shortcuts to popular routes to make it faster for users to search the information they need. This mobile app is also providing full information about schedule, the price, and the amount of the seats that are available for them. The Nebengers mobile app has been helping people to get a safer, cheaper, faster, and easier way in sharing or finding a ride.