SMEC Eye Hospital
UI/UX Design, Web Development

Challenge: How to create a ‘wow’ factor for conference attendees

SMEC is one of the private hospitals in Indonesia that specialize in eye health services.  “14 years has taking care of Indonesian eye health” is their tagline. In order to give the best service for Indonesian eye health and to beat their competitors, SMEC take an important step to rebrand their image to a premium and go international eye hospital. They have already own some marketing tool such as website and social media. But those two platforms aren’t fit their new brand image yet. Their old platforms, especially their website feels outdated which is not attractive and informative enough for the consumers. To fulfill client’s goal, we have a digital solution like a website revamp to a much better looking and informative website.

Solution: Create functional and attractive features that attendees will love

We see this website as a prior marketing tool to introduce their new brand image, inform their services and products, and the most important thing is to make a massive income for the client. As the goals are set, we need their potential customers aware of their brand. So we put our mind to rework the website as if we are their potential customers. Knowing what they need and what they want. We came up with these steps of website revamp:

  • Adding or improving current features by considering patient’s journey
    We add some new features to help the potential customer as follow:
  1. Find A Doctor
    Customers can easily know their preferred SMEC doctors to treat them and for the doctors, they can easily recognize by the consumer/ patient.
  1. Book Appointment
    With the simple steps of booking an online appointment, customers can feel the ease of booking. SMEC also can have neat records of it.
  1. Patient Care
    Customers can have more knowledge about eye diseases with interactive information.
  1. Patient Story
    New customers can find out the stories of SMEC patients.
  1. Login as Member
    Customers can track their appointments by logging on to the website.
  • Improve website UI/UX design
    We compacted the main menu, to the most looked up content/service by users according to user journey, which is consideration and action. Not just that, but we also redesign the homepage as a purposeful menu by adding technology section, news and updates section, SMEC Hospital drop down menu, contact us section, content, about SMEC Hospital section, Bills, Admission Guide, and Appointment Booking Section, and lastly Treatment & Procedure.

Result: A better marketing tool for a better business

As we know in this digital era, there is no other way to market your business except doing a precise digital marketing and make the best out of it. This website we revamp has become an important tool for the brand’s marketing tool introduce their new brand image, inform their services and products, and to generate revenue. After redesign, there was significant improvement on user engagement as average session duration increases 92% and number of sessions per user increases 11%. It also successfully brings informative eye knowledge and convenience for users. This website gives a better chance for the brand to be successful in the Eye hospital industry.