Summarecon SMILE
UI/UX Design, E-Commerce Solutions

Challenge: How to create a successful e-commerce site that shifting the way they buy furniture 

Summarecon has become one of the leading property players in Indonesia, especially in the development of townships and apartments. Realizing the needs of consumers of compact and modern furniture for decorating small apartments, Summarecon has responded to the opportunity to sell furniture and home appliance that will fit perfectly into Summarecon’s apartments. 

However, with a significant number of competitors in the furniture and home appliance industry who offered comparable products, Summarecon have to ensure that they have something that can make them stand out through creating a very unique experience for customers.

For that reason, Summarecon wanted to tackle the challenge by creating strategies to outshine the competition by creating an online proposition to sell their products to the Summarecon apartment owners. Thus, they tapped Suitmedia to create an exciting e-commerce that will shift the way their customers buying furniture for their apartment through their e-commerce site. 

Solution: Make the visitors trust the Summarecon SMILE’s website through a meaningful design

After creating tons of website projects, we realize that online sales don't just happen — they occur by design. And when it comes to e-commerce site, the first step is always the design itself, such as the significant home banner, the flow on the homepage, product features, etc. Every element needs to work together in tandem to create a meaningful user experience that can take the visitor from one page to the next.

The simpler the website layout, the better. Clean and functional layouts make the site easier to navigate, load, and use on different devices. To make conversion rate optimization, the casual cliché “less is more” really rings true. If we want visitors to spend time on the site, we need to make it easy for them to get around. We might be tempted to do something unique with our navigation menu design, but again, the simpler, the better. These are some steps that we have applied to generate simplicity on the site:

  • Make logins and account creation easy (reduce steps for Sign-up)
  • Do not overload users with information and only focus on the essentials
  • Making the menus standard in appearance to make visitors comfortable when they land on the site.
  • Make the imagery beautiful
  • Make everything optimized for mobile and search

Proper design in regard to usability boils down to easy navigation. When applied to shopping, that means your customers should be able to quickly find the products that interest them and navigate to the product pages easily. Once at the product section, they need to see a clear and concise path to the checkout. 

To gain more trust from the visitors, we also directly provide information about the benefits of buying the furniture through the Summarecon SMILE’s site with an easy to understand communication. By creating a meaningful design and user experience, we have succeeded in providing a seamless onboarding experience that blend functionality, engagement, and aesthetic on the website. This website also has created an easier journey for Summarecon apartment’s owners to buy furniture and home appliances that will be fit perfectly in their apartment space.