2016 - 2017
UI/UX Design, Motion & Videography, Web Development, iOS & Android Development, Search Engine Optimization

Challenge: Complicated recruitment system in Indonesia

In today’s competitive environment, getting jobs and searching for candidates assumes greater importance. Earlier, the advertisements of jobs were limited to newspapers. But now the emerging economy demands the situation to change. We have various job portals, online employment exchanges, consultancies, company websites, etc. Finding and recruiting the best quality candidates seems to get more complicated in the coming days.

ProCapita as a company that provides executive recruitment services saw a large market of employment untapped in Indonesia. The company saw that job vacancy sites tend to focus only on active job seekers, and cannot capture passive job seekers. In addition, many companies complained about getting too many CVs, but they could not sort out which worker candidate was right for them. For that reason, the company wanted to build an online recruitment tool that can automatically match job qualification from their clients with candidate profiles. Then, ProCapita Indonesia tapped Suitmedia to create a mobile application and utilizing efficient techniques to make the recruitment process easier.

Solution: A simple mobile application that made life easy both for the job seekers and employers

Recruitment process should be time-saving, cost-effective and at the same time should search out the qualified candidates. So the proposed system from Suitmedia aimed to provide the best class of employment services through a mobile application. We built a mobile application that has been designed by keeping in mind the end users, the employers who are busy with their works, and the candidates searching for more and more jobs. For employers looking to recruit the best candidates, it offers modern technology and superior services to simplify the recruitment process. For individuals who are thinking about a new job, new career, or new direction, it helps them to get instant possibilities and opportunities that are right for them.

The application offers job opportunities information to the registered job seekers. By using this application, the job seekers just need to enter some data, such as age, educational background, current job, up to foreign language skills. After they’ve done the registration process, they will get job match notification anytime and anywhere straight to their mobile phone, and no effort needed. They can apply to trending jobs that they like with just one click and check out the full details about a job before they apply.  

The application also allows potential employers to know about the jobseekers and their valuable skills in a modern way by the use of personalized profile. YesJob application also has loads of other great features, including a page full of career advice and tips that are useful for the job seekers who want to take their career to the next level.

Through YesJob mobile application, the recruitment is made faster, easier and the barriers are reduced by an advanced system of the jobs matching. Employers and candidates are able to explore greater opportunities. The time taken for the recruitment is reduced. The employers can advertise their job vacancies and the candidates will have a bigger chance of being invited for interviews. So, the way to change career or get the right people for the jobs is quite easy now.