Erha Dermatology
UI/UX Design, Web Development, Brand Development

Challenge: Erha wanted a fresh way to raise engagement with their audience 

Since its first clinic was established in 1999, it’s no secret that Erha Dermatology has become a big name in the beauty industry. The company boasts more than 30 clinics around the country and won a lot of awards and recognitions as one of the leaders in skin health industry. The secret ingredients to those achievements are: their unstoppable passion to improve people’s lives through a healthier skin, scalp and hair; the impressive supports of the dermatology experts; and the innovation of its products and treatments that has been giving the best results to every customer.

With the brand’s strong reputation, its evolution into digital was the natural next step. Erha’s existing website was lack of community engagement, the content wasn’t informative enough, and the user experience wasn’t intuitive for users.  Faced with those problems, Erha wanted to have a platform that could engage more audiences by educating consumers about the importance of personalized treatments for skin, scalp, and hair health, also creating a space for people to share their successful experience with Erha in an easy way. To solve it all, they have a challenge to create a new site to refresh the way it communicated with customers. So, Erha Dermatology tapped Suitmedia to create a new digital experience through website revamp and create a fresh way to increase brand awareness and online engagement.

Solution: A convenience and indulging experience for Erha web visitors

Yes, a beauty brand deserves beautiful platforms. Thus, our team redesigned the website to make it aesthetically modern minimalist with clutter-free look to make the site feast one’s eyes on. We used big images background and a beautiful clean layout to captivate users and drives them to explore further. This visual identity also designed to make the features easily recognizable for users and to allow creative storytelling to be clearer, effective, and outstanding.

As we know, user experience is not only about creating beautiful interfaces, but also has to be engaging, inspirational, and promotes interaction. To support all of those elements, we provided information to educate audiences about skin, scalp, and hair health in a convenience and informative presentation. Besides, by using inspiring testimonial page, we encourage women and men to retell their wonderful experiences using Erha.

We’d like to remind you that placing all brand’s important elements above the fold is now a well-known myth. That’s why we accustomed a long scrolling in the new Erha website to aids simple navigation and entices users to stay longer.  A stunning user interface, informative content, and friendly user experience -- it all has succeeded in giving users an indulgent experience to explore and gain useful information about Erha and its products / services.